Q: What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is an interface integrated to a merchant's website to transmit transaction data to the credit card / Net Banking acquirer for authorization and settlement. Merchants gain the ability to perform real-time credit card authorizations from a web site over the Internet. Customers can pay for purchases across the Internet through credit cards within seconds, after the gateway obtains authorization from the credit card institutions.

Q: What is the Agora Online Services Payment Gateway used for?

Agora Online Services provides solutions that can be used for integrating secure credit card transaction processing into new or existing websites. If you are interested in adding credit card processing into your website then we provide you with the tools you need to implement the solution.

Q: Whose name will appear in my customers' credit card statement?

Your customer's credit card statement will be billed as Agora Online Services ehf. During the transaction, and after successful payment, we make it evident to your customer that his credit card statement will reflect the charge as this.

Q: Is it Safe?

Of course. Agora Online Services uses 128 bit SSL encryption, meaning that all online activity is protected and secure. Agora Online Services ensures that your transactions belong entirely and are accessible only to you, with no interference.